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About your prints


How long is delivery time?

Your designs are ready in 5 business days. If you ordered some prints, add 2 more business days before they get sent to you.

How many ideas should I share?

Each design works with 4 to 6 objects.

To help our designer, please send up to 10 ideas.

Can I review the design before it is finalised?

Our aim is to surprise you in the nicest way.
But if you want to have a check before the design is finalised, it’s possible, just tick the box in the order form.

How long until I receive my prints at home?

Prints are ready to be sent in 7 business days.

Can I ask for a specific colour code?

Yes, absolutely! especially for the posters, our aim is to make some prints that really match the rest of your decoration.

Why did you create Blue Flamingo?

We are a mumma, pappa, and bubba, family business. We wanted something more than the standard, boring, usual birthday invitations.

So we created one.

She loved it. We thought your kids would love it too.